Any bank is always faced with non-performing loan (NPL) risk due to its main function as a financial intermediary. Various efforts have been made by banks to avoid the NPL.However, due to various reasons in business environment or debtor’s management ability, any bank continues to experience NPL. This program is designed to improve credit officials’ competence in order to gain benefits, among other things, improvement of ability in diagnosing various causes of NPL, understanding on alternative restructuring schemes, selection of exact alternative scheme, and ability in monitoring the implementation of NPL restructuring, ability to improve debtor’s performance from NPL category to resume to be current as well as to support bank in achieving the target of NPL decrease.


  • Define non-performing loans and the indicators of non-performing loans.
  • Explain the banking treatment of non-performing loans and non-performing investment projects.
  • Discuss how to manage non-performing loans.
  • Explain the principles of borrower credit ratings and provisioning.
  • Explain the lessons learned from classified loans.
  • Learn on the speed that banks can enforce their terms and collaterals and securities
  • Understand the assistance from the Small Debt Resolution Committee
  • Work around these guidelines to your advantages, rather than the customers’ preferences
  • Expect the worst that the banks can do to recover the non-performing loans from customers and their guarantors
  • Ready to negotiate with the customers confidently, rather than be threatened or abused
  • Discuss the legal aspects of working with non-performing loans.


  • Bank credit officers
  • Investment bankers
  • Management consultants
  • Bond credit analysts
  • Fixed income/credit traders
  • Fixed income/credit sales people
  • Fund managers
  • Treasurers
  • Compliance officers
  • Financial decision makers in corporations

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