The Radiation Protection & Safety Training will allow the participants to develop an understanding of the hazards and risks associated with work involving ionising radiation. This training will enable the participants to undertake risk assessments, develop safe systems of work, and to be able to implement contingency plans identified from such risk assessments.


  • The properties of ionising radiation
  • Units used in radiation protection
  • Review of basic radiation safety
  • Normative documents and legislative structure
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Radioactive Substances Act
  • Dose limitation
  • The regulation of work with radiation
  • Selection and use of radiation monitors
  • The role of radiation protection supervisors and radiation protection advisors
  • Principles and practices of radiation protection
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Transport of radioactive substances
  • Safe working practice with NORM and the management of NORM waste
  • Emergency procedures
  • Industrial radiography
  • The Ionizing Radiations Regulations (IRR) 1993
  • Knowledge and understanding of IRR 1999


The course is suitable for executives from Oil, Gas and Chemical industries.


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